Thank you!

Dear Colleagues, Friends and Family –

The last 6 years have been some of the most professionally and personally rewarding of my adult life.  Building the Pula Group from scratch was an amazing experience.   Bringing my business to a level of success I’d never imagined possible was deeply satisfying.  I’m grateful for those who helped me and my company to thrive.

While I am moving on and away from the formal structure of the Pula Group, the relationships that allowed me to flourish, and allowed me to connect with so many unique and engaging indviduals and groups, will now forever be a part of my ‘DNA’.

I am joining the Center for Creative Leadership, CCL,, in Brussels, as a faculty member.  My family and I, therefore, are leaving our beloved Denmark, after 8 years, to settle in that cosmopolitan city.

This is a welcome move on many levels but my family and I will greatly miss Denmark and the meaningful relationships that have burgeoned from forging a life there.


Eric and I moved to Denmark in August of 2006, so that we could experience Denmark – a culture we greatly admired – and grow together, as parents, with young children then aged 2 and 3, in a place that was new to both of us.  Living there and creating a life would be our social experiment.  It worked!  Not only did we stay for the 1 to 2 years we thought we would, we added an additional 6…

135081999.nnrlmh25 Scandinavian way of life, brought to fruition in Copenhagen and surrounds, will always buttress the lives we choose to live – from how we make ‘big’ decisions with great impact, to how we experience scenes and situations in our new home.  Certainly, Denmark gave our children, now 11 and 10, the formidable and inspiring building blocks of clear values we cherish.

Thank you Denmark, Danes and Danish landscape of land and thought.  Like the landscape and people of Botswana who provided me with a depth of experience and self-awareness that continues to carry me today, Denmark and its people have afforded my family and me insight into a culture that more often than not lives its values so distinctly.