Why Pula?

Jeneva Patterson lead the Pula Group in its client engagement.  You’re invited to discover the Group’s guiding compass and client collaborators on the next few pages.   



Pula is the name for Botswana’s currency and it also means rain in Setswana, Botswana’s language. Botswana’s terrain is sustained by the rains that return each year and by its exceptionally strong monetary currency, the Pula.

Every rainy season, the falling pula transforms this dusty, dry African bush into a magnificently lush landscape where the animal kingdom roams and thrives.   So too with people.  Pula provides a metaphor for what coaching and leadership development offer to individuals, teams and organizations.  We can flourish in our organizations!  With proven techniques, empirical data and hard work, we can create organizational landscapes that teem with life, innovation and engagement.  



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