What is the Pula Group?



Jeneva L Patterson

I started Pula Group in 2008 as a global consulting firm that advanced its clients’ individual and organizational productivity, positivity and performance.

My team of Associates and I helped globally complex, performance-driven organizations build flourishing and sustainable cultures to operate effectively and profitably across cultural, geographical and functional boundaries.

 How we added value? 

Executive Coaching; Partnered with CEOs, senior executives, and boards in large, global companies and professional firms to increase strong global leadership skills and bottom-line results.

Global Team Development:  Offered high impact team facilitation, global leadership development and global team development, while maximizing intercultural communication, and leveraging the competitive advantage inherent in diverse backgrounds and locations.

Speaking:  As a frequent speaker at international conferences, I presented to diverse global audiences in order to help participants close the gap between what they were striving to achieve and achievement.


Why Pula?

In Setswana, the language of the country of Botswana, the word ‘Pula’ means rain. It is one of the country’s most powerful words, and one of the geography’s most powerful forces.  For me, Botswana is one of the most magical and unique places on the planet.

Botswana’s landscape is sustained by the rains that return each year and by its strong monetary currency, the Pula. Every rainy season the falling pula transforms the dusty dry landscape of Botswana into a flourishing green terrain. So too with people. Pula is a metaphor, then, for what all of us – individuals, groups and organizations — need in order to thrive.

My years spent living in Botswana taught me to trust the chaos and uncertainty, ambiguity and mental challenge, in my own life.  I experienced the transformative effect of pula’s sustenance.  The Pula Group provides the right balance of introspection, theory, application, grit and passion for independent and connected lives to flourish and thrive.